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More than 65 different products and varieties, available all year round, bringing the very best of Almeria’s farms to all of Spain and all of Europe.

Soil, sun and water are the raw materials. And our farmers and specialised technicians, the hands tending them.
Together they grow the best fruit and vegetables, to the highest quality and food safety.

I’mperfect was created to cultivate a future filled with diversity, inclusion and responsibility – a world designed for EVERYONE. Fairer, more sustainable and more I’mperfect.

Our I’mperfect line offers top quality fresh fruit and vegetables with cosmetic flaws at a significantly lower price: a solution for reducing food waste.

If you find it hard to choose when buying, we make it easy for you. Our La Elejida products are the safe choice. Fruit and vegetables of the highest quality, grown close by and with care. Fresher, in season, with all nutritional and organoleptic properties intact, making it the best choice.

Imagine having fresh fruit and vegetables all year round, without seasonal variations, without oxidation and without wastage! With our Long Fresh products, this is now possible – using technology that freezes time.

Quality, freshness and flavour on your plate, wherever you are and during all seasons.

We all have a tropical side, the one that comes to the fore when we squeeze the most out of life and enjoy its flavour to the full.

Like our TARAMAY fruit. Exquisitely sweet flavours, juicy textures, filled with aroma and taste. And at the optimal point of ripeness. With Taramay, we embrace the future that unites us.